ARO - English Access Micro-Scholarship Program

About ARO - English Access Micro-Scholarship Program

Afghanistan Relief Organization (ARO) is a non-political, non-religious, nonprofit, humanitarian organization. Founded in the United States in 1998 – and registered in both the United States and Afghanistan – ARO is managed and operated by volunteers, both Afghan Americans and Americans of all backgrounds and faiths. Afghanistan Relief Organization’s sole purpose is to serve and help needy people (women, children, the elderly and the disabled) throughout Afghanistan by providing basic relief needs (e.g. clothing, medical supplies, food, hygiene supplies) and educational and professional support. ARO has had more than 1200 students who have been studying English, mathematics, and basic computer skills. In addition, vocational skills including auto mechanics, tailoring, carpentry, plumbing, nursing, electronics and computer repair courses have been offered. Special Kankor classes (university entrance exam) for high school graduates and Dari language classes for illiterate adults have been conducted in ARO. ARO has developed sport programs for children and young adults of both boys and girls. There have been more than 200 students partaking in karate, Judo, Teak Won Do, Wushow and Volleyball. Moreover, in 2006, ARO opened two new classes of Pashto language and Kolba-e-Mawlana in which students are trained and taught Masnavi, Dari literature and ancient history and culture of ancient Ariana. Late in 2007, ARO launched a class of Arts, in which 30 students are trained for one hour daily. ARO Vocational Center In early 2006 ARO inaugurated its vocational center in Kart-e-Char, Kabul Afghanistan. The purpose of establishing this center as branch of ARO was to help the youths of Afghanistan become professional workers and gain good job opportunities in Afghanistan. Around 300 students were recruited for these courses from the very low income families. The goal of the ARO vocational center is to teach job skills that will enable our students to find employment in fields necessary to maintain a growing economy. In fact, these students would become self-sufficient which will indirectly help government of Afghanistan. ARO has offered the following vocational fields with qualified and experienced teachers and trainers: 1. The Auto Mechanics Course: In this class 30 students were learning auto mechanics for 22 months. The trained students will be able to fix and repair car engines and car denting. In addition, students will be able to weld the irons to make chairs, tables, windows, doors, and fences. In short, graduates from this class were able to have their own mechanic shops to work independently or to get a job in private garages in Kabul. They will also be able to find good and lucrative jobs in NGOs, Embassies and governmental institutions since they also learned to speak English and operate the computer. 2. The Plumbing Course: Students, who were trained in this workshop for one year, became professional plumbers and were able to work at various places and for various organizations. Besides, they could own their own workshops too. 3. The Carpentry Course: Students who were trained for one year in this field became well trained carpenters. They would be able to work wherever they want and earn a good living for themselves and for their families. They are able to make chairs, sofas, tables, doors, windows, cupboards and many more. Today so many people and organizations are in need of qualified carpenters. 4. The Electronics Course: The electricity and power issues are very important in Afghanistan. Students trained in the field of electronics for the period of one year will be able to own their own workshops too. They will be able to repair TVs, radios, tapes, irons, computers, washing machines and other electronic equipment. Moreover, they are able to wire, rewire, and do other electronic works for private houses. 5. The Tailoring Course: Ms. Margaret opened a new tailoring class at ARO in 2003. We had two main objectives by our tailoring course. First, our main aim was to recruit 21 widows, women and girls from the very low income families and to pay them monthly for their works in tailoring, sewing and knitting so that we help them financially. Every month Ms. Margaret collected the completed embroidery works from these tailors and sold them in U.S in order to pay the wages for these 21 women. Secondly, we trained them well under the management of Ms. Margaret in order to be able to work independently to earn their livings. At the end of the training, after one year, ARO donated a sewing machine for the sewing/tailoring trainees so that they could continue their work at home or at some organizations. 6. Nursing Course: ARO was training 60 female nurses who came from needy families and could not succeed to join universities. The nurses were practically trained by experienced doctors and nurses in Cure, an American hospital located in Darul Aman Kabul. The trained nurses were able to speak English and had some computer skills too. After these students graduate in 22 months, they would have been recruited by government and private hospitals in Kabul. 7. ARO dental Clinic: In year 2007, ARO opened its dental clinic which was serving the whole 1200 students and their parents. Anytime a student of ARO felt any tooth problem, he/she referred to our own clinic at the Tech Center, got checked by ARO doctors and received the medicine that ARO had on hand. Both the checkup and medicine were free of charges. ARO Tech Center ARO managed to open its Tech Center in Karte Char in 2002. The building has been donated by Mr. Abul Fazal Khalili-Chairman of the Afghanistan Relief Organization and we didn’t pay any rent for it. The ARO Tech Center offers the following courses: A. ARO science and management/accounting courses: ARO was offering a 6 month course of management and accounting for students of Economic Faculty, Kabul University. Luckily, the graduates from this course found very lucrative jobs at international organizations, particularly in the World Bank and in other banks in Kabul. In addition to management and accounting class, ARO offered tuition courses in order to improve science subjects that are taught at schools. We have had algebra classes offered for the period of one year and in three sessions covering seconday and high school. The classes for algebra and mathematics have been offered five days a week. Furthermore, we offer a placement test class (kankor class), which is to enable high school students to take admissions and be placed in universities in Afghanistan. This Kankor class was offered for the period of six months and was really useful in enabling students enter universities. B. ARO English Courses: ARO English Department has been offering English language classes ranging from beginner to advance. In addition to covering regular courses, ARO has also offered special TOEFL, conversation and grammar classes. TOEFL PREP- CLASS: In June 2007 ARO managed a TEOFL prep-class at ARO. This class was offered in a two-and-a-half-month course. Our aim was to train our students to know about the structure of TEOFL and to participate in the actual TEOFL test. we taught them key points of grammar, listening and reading skills in order to train them to be able to get good scores in TEOFL. We had 30 students in the TEOFL class most of whom were university and university graduate students who wanted to continue their higher education abroad and in international universities. The mentioned TEOFL class was covered voluntarily by Mortaza, Sarwar Sultani and Hila Hanif. C. ARO Computer Courses: ARO computer department plays an important role in computer training of the youths in Afghanistan. Students follow a 12 month course to cover the following software and hardware courses at ARO: •Windows •Ms Word •Ms Excel •Ms Access •Ms PowerPoint •Ms Publishers •A+ Hardware •Networking • Internet Afghanistan Relief Organization donates medical supplies: In September 2007, a group of ARO doctors had a trip to Jalalabab province in order to help poor people of Behsood distrect. More than 150 patients were cured and got free medicine, including multi-vitamins, anti-acid, percetamol, anti-anitant and etc. The majority of those patients have had hypo-tension, hyper-tension, Lash mania, dehydration, and many more health problems. In addition, anti-septic and anti-water microbe supplies were distributed to three villages of Behsood distract.